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Anytime, Anywhere, enjoy a seamless shopping experience at any of your preferred supermarket

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It's as simple as that. Create you profile and immediately select your location to see a wide range of supermarkets accessible with our mobile application.

Find your Preferred Supermarket

Look through a wide range of supermarkets available in your location and select your preferred option

Browse Items & Add to Cart

Just like any physical visit to a supermarket, browse a wide range of products as available in that specific supermarket in real time. Search with keywords or browse through the various categories to find what you are looking for

Review & Proceed to Checkout

Have a look at what you've added to the cart before you approve. You can choose to add or delete different items as you so wish.

Select Payment Option & Submit

You can choose to have items ready for you to pay when you collect or tap into our Cash on Delivery options that enables you shop with no hassle. We've also facilitated you with the ability to utilize mobile money or visa payments

  • Reliable

    The power is in your hands. Determine when to shop, where to shop, collect or deliver with real time inventory updates on available products

  • Convinient

    Anytime, Anywhere, enjoy a seamless shopping experience at any of your preferred supermarket

  • Fast

    You are provided with a time saving mobile solution in grocery shopping

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ABOUT Master Online

More and more people are using Master online to do their grocery shopping in Kampala from the comfort of their homes, offices or anywhere else. Master online is free and offers a simple, secure and reliable shopping service right from your smartphone.


To continuously provide solutions that harness mobile phone technologies, penetration and usage in creating innovations around the grocery shopping process


To be the leading provider of mobile solutions in Africa that focuses on new age innovations and solution around grocery shopping.


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